Video: Woman Says Her Pickup Truck Drove Itself Into A Wall While In ‘Park’

A Port Richey Florida woman claims her brand new Toyota Tacoma crashed itself Thursday. According to ABC news, Milissa Mazzitelli had put the 2017 Toyota Tacoma in park and had her foot on the brake when the car lunged forward and crashed into a brick wall. The car sustained almost $6000 in damages and the airbags did not deploy. Mazzitelli had only had the vehicle for 4 days when the accident occurred. Mazzitelli is calling for an investigation but says, so far, Toyota has shown little interest in her claim. Toyota said that an evaluator will come out to inspect the vehicle within 30 days, but declined to comment further. “after I put in park the 2017 Toyota Tacoma lunged forward. This caused the vehicle to hit a brick wall. There was almost $5,950 in damage to the truck and the airbags did not go off. I watched myself crash into the wall and could not stop the truck,” Mazzitelli’s complaint stated. Neither the dealership where the vehicle was leased, nor Toyota corporate has returned media calls about incident.

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