Walmart updates hiring process to attract more truck drivers

A new report details how Walmart has made major changes to driver hiring tactics in order to combat the perceived “truck driver shortage”. While many other trucking companies claim that they are struggling to find enough qualified drivers to keep their trucks full, Walmart has ramped up hiring to approximately 1400 new truck drivers for their private fleet this year, according to a recent Yahoo! Finance report. This marks a significant increase from the 922 new drivers hired in 2017. The report states that a major reason for the increase is a significant change to Walmart’s hiring process. At one time, Walmart driving applicants were required to take a series of strict tests during a one-day hiring process.

These tests included a road test, a backing test, and a pretrip test. Only 5 to 10% of applicants passed these tests and that those who failed had to wait a full year before they were allowed to apply with Walmart again. However, according to the report, Walmart’s pass-rate recently surged from 5-10% up to nearly 90%. Instead of a strict one-day exam, Walmart now holds a three-day “hiring event.” On day one, Walmart will observe an applicant performing the three original tests, but won’t deny them if they fail. Then, on day two, Walmart will host a full-day training session, teaching drivers the “Walmart way” of performing the tasks. Finally, on day three, the driver will be able to retake the exams and a hiring decision will be made based on the results. This extended process has led to a massive increase in new hires. In spite of the changes to driver hiring practices, Walmart says that they still maintain the highest standards of driver safety. “Safety is our priority. We are not going to adjust our minimum standards due to a tight labor market,” remarked Walmart Vice President of Transportation and Supply Chain Tracy Rosser. The average Walmart truck driver earns around $86,000 in their first year.

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