Watch: “Suicide by truck”

moment a woman drives the wrong way down a highway and plows into oncoming traffic in an apparent suicide attempt.
Jack Rivera, a New York trucker, captured the collision on his dashcam as he drove along the Interstate 35E in Texas last Wednesday. Footage shows the driver of a black SUV, identified as 49-year-old Laura Michelle Mayeaux, coming off at the 397 exit and veering over to the wrong side of the lane. She then steers head-on into a truck which rolls over on its side with debris flying everywhere. As the back end of the 18-wheeler swings out, it pushes a red pickup truck off course. Thick black skid marks can be seen on the tarmac as smoke fills the air. Rivera told that once things came to a standstill he got out of his vehicle to see if he could offer any assistance to the parties involved before authorities arrived. The incident, which occurred just past 6pm, shut the highway for around two hours. Mayeaux, from Waco, Texas, was transported to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas because of the injuries she sustained during the wreck.

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