Wausau firefighters clean up diesel fuel after semi truck crash

It was a busy morning for firefighters at the Wausau Fire Department when they were called to respond to a diesel fuel spill Friday.Crews were called around 9 a.m. Friday for a crash on Townline Road. According to firefighters on scene, a tractor trailer was making a turn onto Townline Road from Grand Avenue. The truck hit and knocked down a traffic light. The collision punctured a hole into the side of the truck that was holding about 50 gallons of fuel. Wausau fire brought in their portable hazmat tank to hold the spilled fuel and worked to contain it from contaminating the area. “The biggest worry we have right now is just making sure it doesn’t get into the sewer system, into the drainage of the city, just make sure we can capture it,” said firefighter/paramedic Quinn Ambrosius. Firefighters were unsure how much fuel spilled out. A hazmat team was called to clean up the area to prevent any contamination.

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