Will County Board Approves New Permitting System For Oversized Trucks

The Will County Board moved to implement the first steps of its Freight Mobility Plan at its meeting last week. The board voted for a new permitting system for oversized trucks that was designed to keep roads running smoothly for Will County residents, according to a press release. “Maintaining quality of life for our residents is vital, especially as we balance it with the freight industry in Will County,” said Will County Board Speaker Jim Moustis, R-Frankfort, in the news release. “This new Oxcart program will help us achieve that balance so that residents can continue to move safely throughout the county.” The law would require overweight and oversized trucks to obtain a permit to drive on county highways. Oxcart Permit Systems LLC is a company that provides an online platform to facilitate the permitting and payments. Currently, permits must be applied for via fax. Six other Chicago-area counties and the city of Chicago have already implemented the streamlining of truck permitting with Oxcart. More than 60 local agencies use Oxcart throughout the state, according to the news release. This is the first step of the county’s Community Friendly Freight Mobility Plan, which the board adopted last September to provide community friendly strategies, goals and policies for freight development throughout the county in the coming years. This new system will allow the county to expand data collection and improve the coordination of oversize and overweight permitting between jurisdictions. The volume of freight is expected to reach a value of $1.2 trillion by 2040, according to the release. “It is time we updated our system,” said Board Member Don Moran, D-Romeoville, in the news release. “By streamlining the permit process for overweight trucks, we will not only improve the flow of traffic in Will County, we will save time and money in the county permitting department.”

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