YRC–Drive Aggressive Much?

In Memphis after I got onto I-55 South off of Third St. South my acceleration lane was ending so I merged into what would eventually become the center lane and continued building speed. The YRC truck came up the acceleration lane from Third St. North and onto what temporarily(for about 2 miles) would become the right lane. Immediately YRC turned on his turn signal and wanted into the lane I was in. With traffic on my left I held my lane and continued to acquire my highway speed(faster than YRC was building his speed).

YRC then came across the line into my lane to aggressively force me into the occupied left lane. As I had nowhere to go I again held my lane(a trainee may have panicked at this point and changed lane onto the cars in the left lane or suddenly slammed on the brakes causing a rear-end collision). Then as I came abreast of YRC’s cab he flipped me off. I wonder how many collisions he’s caused with that maneuver? Look in the mirror at how close he got to my truck and trailer.

YRC–Drive Aggressive Much?

Truck Stop WTF Moments

Posted by Truck Stop WTF Moments on Monday, June 11, 2018

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